Head Peer Counsellor:   LAM Ngo Suet (5C)
Assistant Head Peer Counsellors:   CHU Shun Chung (4A)
    LAM Wai Hei (4A)
    LEUNG Chun Wai Christen (4A)
    CHOW Cheuk Yiu Clarie (5C)
Teachers-in-charge:   Ms. LEE Mun Shan
    Mr. LI Kiu On
    Ms. HO Katherine
    Mr. KAM Lik Hin
    Ms. LOH Maggie

Peer Counsellors


Peer counsellors cultivate a caring culture on campus and support peers to face life challenges. They support Form 1 students in adapting to secondary school life and integrating into the school. While serving others, enhancement in students’ self-confidence, self-management and leadership skills is significant.