Head Peer Counsellor:   CHU Shun Chung (5A)
Assistant Head Peer Counsellors:   HUNG Ko Yuen (5A)
    LEUNG Chung Wai Christen (5A)
    LEUNG Wai Kiu (5B)
    SZE Man Yu (5C)
    O Chun Lung (5D)
Teachers-in-charge:   Mr. LI Kiu On
    Mr. KAM Lik Hin

Peer Counsellors


The mission of Peer Counsellors is to help form one student to adapt their secondary school life and build the culture of caring for peers in the campus. Through the journey of being a peer counsellor, students can nourish basic counselling skills and build up a compassionate and caring heart. Students can also improve their communication and interpersonal skills by interacting and sharing with F.1 schoolmates.