Chairperson:   KWOK Chun Kit (5D)
Vice-chairperson:   CHAN Sze Lam (4A)
Teacher Advisors:   Ms. LUK Fung Ching
    Mr. CHAO Kwok Kwong
    Mr. KAM Lik Hin

Sports Club


The mission of the sports club is to organize different interclass sport events for schoolmates to create different memories of their secondary school life and to build up a sense of belonging to their classes. Committees will also cooperate with the House Organization to hold interhouse competitions for schoolmates. The Sports club includes different sports teams, such as the basketball team and the volleyball team, among others. Sports teams will participate in different competitions to widen their horizons. Moreover, students can improve their communication skills during practices. Members can learn the meaning of sportsmanship. They are required to have a good attitude and polite manners during the practices and the competitions. Their good attitude can positively affect their everyday lives.