Chairperson:   DIU Hoi Ling Elita (5A)
Vice-chairpersons:   LAU Shun Hei (5A)
    CHONG Hei Yu (5B)
Teacher Advisors:   Ms. HON Pui Hang
    Mr. CHAN Shing Hei Robbie
    Mr. SAN Yik Ho Francisco
    Mr. SIN Wang Hoi
    Mr. THISTLE Timothy Hiram

English Society


The English Society aims to cultivate students' love of English in our school and boost students' language skills. We organize an extensive range of activities to immerse students in the joy of learning English. A large variety of activities can also further enhance students’ English skills while they have fun. The activities improve students' fluency in both daily and academic English and help build up their confidence through various practices.