Teachers-in-charge:    Mr. CHAN Ka Chun
    Mr. SIN Wang Hoi
    Mr. Francisco SAN

 Inter-school Exchange

 Inter-school Exchange


In March 2019, an inter-school exchange programme co-organized with King Ling College was successfully held. During the 4-day programme, students from both schools had the precious chance to immerse ourselves in the partner school and experience different learning environments.

In fact, having lessons in an unfamiliar environment and making acquaintances with a whole new class of students seemed to be formidable tasks at first. Unexpectedly, we could adapt to the new environment quickly. The bonding between students of both schools became stronger gradually through an array of ice-breaking games and conversational exchange.

Attending the interactive lessons was an eye-opening experience too. Although the exchange programme has ended, we still keep close contact with one another.

Basking in the lively learning ambiance of King Ling College was a joyous memory. Not only have we broadened our horizons, but we have also learnt to appreciate the differences between both schools in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.