President:   SHEK Zin Yin (5B)
Internal Vice President:   CHUNG Po Kiu (4C)
External Vice President:   TONG Hiu Lam (5C)
General Secretary:   YEUNG Yuen Ching (5C)
Financial Secretary:   CHIU Tsz Ho (4C)
Student Welfare Secretary:   CHOW Cheuk Ying (4D)
Publicity Secretary:   CHAN Wing Ho (4B)
ECA Coordination Secretary:   YAU Chung Kwan (4B)
Administrative Secretary:   WU Tze Wai Joshua (5B)
Teachers-in-charge:   Mr. YAN Kin Wing
    Mr. SIN Wan Hoi
    Mr. MARK Anthony
    Ms. KU Ka Man

 Student Union


The Student Union plays a vital role in linking the school and its students. Whenever students have opinions and demands, the onus is on us to collect their voices and reflect them to the school. In other words, we act as the communication channel between the two parties.

We also provide various student services, like stationery selling and umbrella lending services in order to make students’ lives better.

Furthermore, we enhance students' sense of belonging to the school by organizing an array of activities, hoping all students can be proud of being St. Markans, while at the same time expanding their social circles with friends newly met through joint-school activities organized by us.