MOK Janice Hoi Man (Graduate from 2017)

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, University of Hong Kong

The first day I stepped into St. Mark’s, I was so timid that I barely talked to anyone. Six years passed and I have been transformed into a mature student studying at the University of Hong Kong. Speaking of the most memorable chapter of my secondary school life, the revision period before the HKDSE exam immediately springs to mind. Teachers and classmates stayed in the study room discussing past exam papers, concepts and exam skills. Many of my teachers stayed till late at night to teach and guide me.

Secondary school is the place where we strive for excellence and, at the same time, meet the best teachers and friends for life. I am glad that I got to know a group of peers who have been supporting me all the time. I thank you, my alma mater, and I hope that all St. Markans will enjoy their secondary school life just as I did!


TSE Wut Hei Raphael (Graduate from 2017)

Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance, University of Hong Kong

 Six years went past in the blink of an eye. St. Mark’s has equipped me with knowledge and life skills in these memorable 6 years, to become a responsible, capable young man. I would like to thank all teachers who have guided me and all St. Markans through this important stage of our lives, providing us care and support in all circumstances, and guidance when we were lost. These 6 years in the St. Mark’s family will always be one of the most memorable parts of my life. I hope that all St. Markans can soar like winged lions and remember the undaunted spirit of St. Mark as their life’s motto.



SZE Shun Yin (Graduate from 2016)

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, University of Hong Kong

Six years ago, I was a timid boy who was uncertain about my own future; now, I am a mature student who is able to embrace new challenges. All these changes were brought about by St. Mark’s School where everyone has their chance to grow and explore their potential. The teachers are caring and are always ready to give us support and advice. My schoolmates have become my soulmates, working hard and playing hard together. In six years of studies in this campus, I am sure that all St. Markans can pursue their dreams and fly high as winged lions.



UY Wilson Wing Yiu (Graduate from 2016)

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, University of Hong Kong

My six years in St. Mark’s School gave me opportunities to meet a lot of helpful staff and caring teachers who have equipped me with a solid foundation and prepared me with knowledge and confidence to face future challenges, as well as schoolmates who have been accompanying me during my ups and downs. I sincerely hope that St. Markans can pursue not only academic excellence, but also explore the infinite possibilities offered in school.



WONG Wing Si (Graduate from 2016)

Bachelor of Dental Surgery, University of Hong Kong

My secondary school life has been enjoyable with plentiful life experiences and lessons. Apart from the knowledge, I was guided to ponder over the meaning of life. No matter how talented and successful you are, a person who can bring benefits and contribute to the society is enjoying a meaningful life. That is the greatest gift I received from St. Mark’s School which has furnished me with the necessary life qualities before entering the society.

Secondary school is a crossroad in life. Our deeds and choices undoubtedly determine our futures. I genuinely hope that all St. Markans can make their wise choices and do the right thing at the right time so that there will not be any sense of regret in the future. Work hard and fly high!