Basing upon the ethos of Christian whole-person education as propounded by the Anglican Church, St. Mark’s School aspires to nurture individuals to be the pillars of society by offering an excellent learning environment for virtuous behaviour, academic endeavour, and active exploration. Our school has been established for 70 years since 1949.
St. Mark’s School Foundation Limited is organising the “70th Anniversary Fundraising Events”, and launching an appeal to alumni, parents, teachers and friends of St. Mark’s School to donate generously for developing the school, improving campus learning environment, and enhancing students’ development.


Letter to Alumni, Parents and Friends [English Version] [Chinese Version]


Expected items to be subsidised include:

Items   Targeted amount   
Infrastructure $3,000,000
Experiential Learning 
Scholarships  No limit

Details of the items are listed in the leaflet [pdf].