Hong Kong Creative Mathematics & Science Competition 2023 - Gold Award


Throughout history, adventurous minds have undertaken daring quests, wielding the tools of observation, experimentation, and analysis to seek new knowledge beyond the confines of our present understanding of worldly matters.

Likewise, St. Mark’s School, as a beacon of scholastic excellence, always goes above and beyond to provide a myriad of opportunities for its budding scientists to blossom and flourish. Drawing upon the preceding triumph, our STEM team has, once again, ventured in the Hong Kong Creative Mathematics & Science Competition 2023.

Our girls defied gender hegemony and unleashed their boundless creativity in the Smart 4D Division. CHENG Claire Tsz Yan (3A) and YI Kak took home the Gold Award in the Junior Secondary Category. TSAI Min You (3A) and LUK Ho Wah (3B) also attained the Most Creative Award.

Kudos to these brilliant scientific minds who are more than eager to challenge conventional wisdom and embark on an endless journey of innovation and imagination.