International Percussion Competition 2023 - Gold Award and Best Performance Award


It is the irresistible lure of thumping booms, the invigorating jingling of tambourins, the rousing ringing of cymbals — these are the rhythmic calls that summon our St. Mark’s Percussion Team to greatness on the world’s stage.

In the face of the finest, young percussion teams from across the globe, hardly did our St. Markans falter. With seamless synchronization and musical finesse, they floated through complex compositions, impressing international judges and capturing both the Gold Award and the Best Performance Award in the International Percussion Competition 2023 organised by Parson Music!

Under the careful, heartfelt guidance of the instructor and our Music teacher, Ms. A. Wong, we are more than certain that these gifted virtuosi will continue to demonstrate peerless percussion music, contributing to our school’s sterling musical reputation. Congratulations!