Athletics Team
Captains             CHENG Ho Man (4C)
    CHEUNG Yee Huen Umi (4B)

The Athletics Team is a big family. We train for different track-and-field events during our practices on every Monday and Thursday. Practising with our teammates, we get to know more about each other and build up a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

The mission of the team is to build up teammates' confidence and sportsmanship. During trainings, we get to know our strengths and shortcomings and thus overcome them. Cheering up others when they are down is part of our team culture. We believe that all people can achieve great things once they try their best. Our teammates always strive for excellence in practices and competitions. Even though some of us are less capable, we will never give up as we respect our competitors, the competitions and ourselves.

With the strong bonding of the team, we believe that we can achieve even more in the future and provide every teammate with an unforgettable experience.