Campus Cable Television
Chairperson  LEUNG Pak Lam (4D)

Campus Cable Television (CCTV) is established to render support to the school. We keep video records of all the official functions or services held by the school, give audio-visual assistance to the school whenever necessary, and serve as a bridge of communication between the school and the students.

Another mission is the promotion of videos as a form of art to fellow students. With the establishment of CCTV, schoolmates can share the experience of planning, filming, editing and broadcasting, and experience the flow of the entire video production process, so that they can appreciate videos more as a means of self-expression.

It is believed that members can develop creativity, planning skills and logical thinking skills. Schoolmates with a wide range of interests can also bring their acting and script writing talents into full play. We hope members can develop a good sense of commitment, leadership and a sense of belonging.