Chess Club
Chairperson   TANG Hiu Yue (5A)

Chess is a fair game. Every player shall follow the rules and no luck is involved. Thus, strategy, foresight, anticipation and prediction are important in playing chess.

The Chess Club aims to provide a medium in which students can immerse themselves in fields with which they are not familiar, and allows students to take a breath after a day of hustle and bustle. By playing chess, students can have an opportunity to polish their strategic thinking skills and boost their self-confidence.

We provide a wide range of activities, including regular meetings, workshops, and competitions as well as traditional chess and board games. By holding different activities, we hope we can reduce alienation and boost harmony among students, as well as promote aesthetic development among students.

We also hope students can learn to have a positive attitude in problem solving, thus helping them tackle real-life problems more easily.