Drama Team
Head of Team YANG Man Kin (5E)
Assistant Heads of Team     XIAN Yunlin (5D)
  LAU Sum Kiu (5E)

With the concerted efforts of the teacher advisers, director, actors and backstage crew members, the Drama Team at St. Mark’s School is committed to producing quality dramatic and musical productions.

Each year, students take on the challenge of crafting their own script from scratch. Followed by an array of intensive training sessions, the talented actors then step into the spotlight to bring their characters to life with confidence.

Behind the scenes, not only does the dedicated backstage team ensure that each live show runs smoothly, but it also puts creativity, attention to detail and problem-solving skills into designing props, make-up and costumes and light and sound to make the performances more captivating.

The Team, through participating in numerous drama competitions and public performances, has grown into a big family with strong bonding and team spirit.