Form 1 Admissions

 Application for S1 Discretionary Place 2023 – 2024

 Notes to Applicants

Applicants are required to submit the following to the School Office in person or by post between 3 January 2023 and 17 January 2023:

  • An application form for S1 Discretionary Place from the Education Bureau
  • An application form [download here] for S1 Discretionary Place from St. Mark's School
  • Two stamped and self-addressed envelopes
  • One photocopy of (i) Birth certificate or ID card or passport (ii) P.5 & 6 School Reports (iii) relevant certificates
  • (Optional) Applicants who have attained grade 5 or above in musical instrument examinations can upload their music performance to Youtube and send the link to the School by email ([email protected]) on or before 24 February 2023. Please refer to the Notes for Submitting Music Performance for details

Note: Recommendation letters of primary schools are not necessary

  • Please bring along the originals of the applicant's identity documents (e.g. birth certificate, identity card or passport) for verification when submitting the application.
  • Each Primary 6 pupil is allowed to apply to no more than two secondary schools for a discretionary place; otherwise, his/her chance of acquiring a discretionary place will be forfeited. Once an application is submitted, the application form cannot be cancelled or retrieved.
  • All applicants will attend an interview on either 11 March 2023 or 18 March 2023. We will inform applicants of the time and date of the interview in due course.  

Admission Criteria

  Academic performance (50%)

Primary school internal academic results and his/her position in the ‘Rank Order List’ provided by Education Bureau

  Interview (50%)

Ability to communicate in English, awards, good conduct, extra-curricular activities and services

The number of S1 discretionary places available for application this year is 40.

Successful applicants will be notified by mail and phone on 31 March 2023 (Friday). Should there be any changes in residential / correspondence address and phone number, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

The personal data provided by means of the application form will be used for processing the application for a S1 discretionary place. They may be disclosed to the Education Bureau, if necessary. The provision of personal data by means of the form is obligatory. If an applicant does not provide sufficient information, the school may not be able to process the application. The applicant has the right to request access or correction of his/her personal data in light of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.


 2023-24 學年「中一自行分配學位」申請


申請人須在2023 1 3 日至 2023 1 17 期間,以郵遞方式或親身到本校校務處遞交以下文件:

  • 已填妥的教育局「中一自行分配學位申請表」
  • 已填妥的本校「中一自行分配學位申請表」(按此下載
  • 貼上郵票並寫上回郵地址的信封兩個
  • 以下文件副本各一份:
    • 出生證明書/身份證/護照
    • 小學五年級六年級的成績表
    • 獲獎證明
  • 考獲音樂考試五級或以上的申請者,可上載其演奏片段至Youtube,並於 2023 年 2 月 24 日或以前,將有關連結電郵至 [email protected]。有關詳情請參閱「提交樂器演奏影片須知」。



  • 遞交申請文件時,請帶備申請人的身份證明文件正本(如出生證明書/身份證/護照),供核實之用。
  • 每名小六學生可向不多於兩所中學申請「自行分配學位」,否則會被取消資格。申請一經遞交,便不可撤回或取消。
  • 所有申請人均獲安排於 2023 年 月 11 或 2023 年 月 18 進行面試。本校將郵寄信件通知申請人面試日期及時間。
  • 取錄準則:





    2023–24 學年本校中一自行分配學位的學額為 40 名。

  • 本校將於 2023  3  31 (星期五)透過郵寄及電話通知獲取錄的學生。如申請人的通訊地址或聯絡電話有更改,請儘早通知本校。

    申請表格所收集的資料,將用以辦理申請中一自行分配學位有關的事宜。本校可能會把這些資料向教育局披露,用以處理相關程序。如提供的資料不足,本校可能無法處理有關的申請。 申請人有權按照《個人資料(私隱)條例》,查閱及更改個人資料。