Prefect Board
Head Prefect LAU Shun Hei (6A)
Assistant Head Prefect      HUNG Ko Yuen (6A)
  LAM Yuk Ling (6D)
  YEUNG Man Tak (5B) 
  CHEUNG Ho Yee (5C) 
  LAM Sin Wah (5C)

The mission of the Prefect Board is to build a more favorable learning environment in St. Mark’s. Prefects are identified by their golden prefect badges, and although these have a shape similar to our school badge, they are shining gold in colour. Prefects, being Proactive, Responsible, Earnest, Faithful, Exemplary, Cooperative and Trustworthy, are ready to serve, take up responsibilities, and act immediately.

Prefects are the model students of St. Mark’s, who are morally upright and possess outstanding leadership skills. It is the mission and responsibility of the Prefect Board and all prefects to promote positive values and to help to develop mutual respect among all St. Markans.