Principal's Message

It gives me great pleasure to cordially welcome you to the St. Mark’s School website.

Founded in 1949 on the ethos of Christian whole-person education as propounded by the Anglican Church, St. Mark’s School is committed to providing quality education to develop students into knowledgeable citizens of high integrity. Our Motto - “Straightway” - keeps reminding all St. Markans of the readiness to take up responsibilities and act immediately. Our students establish themselves by striving for excellence in academic studies and other pursuits.

The vision of St. Mark’s School is to offer an excellent, all-round education to all of our students and nurture them to become humble, caring, independent and versatile youngsters with a high level of resilience, commitment and integrity. As the Principal, I feel privileged to participate in this quest and shall uphold our vision without reservation.

Learning at St. Mark’s is not only confined to the classroom and lesson time. We connect what happens in schools to wider opportunities for learning. This kind of active process allows students to find authentic solutions upon encountering problems in the real world. We have a team of very dedicated and competent teachers who have been creating an environment conducive to holistic development of students. With God’s blessing, there is a strong sense of life-long willingness for St. Markans to take pleasure in serving other people. We continue to celebrate the power of unity, harmony and selflessness in the St. Mark’s family. This fine tradition was gracefully upheld even in the face of adversity under the pandemic, turning it into opportunities for preparing our students for a multitude of challenges to be faced in the 21st century.

I am proud to be part of the St. Mark’s family and treasure the opportunities to build close relationships with alumni, parents and teachers. My door is open to start conversations across the school for the sake of nurturing our younger generations. I look forward to meeting you at every opportunity and together creating hand-in-hand the best educational environment for our students at St. Mark’s.


CHAN Stella