STEAM Education

STEAM Education

Different learning activities related to STEAM have been organized to cultivate and nurture students’ appreciation towards the interconnection among science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These activities enable students to experience how the knowledge acquired in textbooks can be applied and utilized in our daily lives. They also help nurture students’ interests in mathematics and science and further encourage them to pursue their studies in these disciplines in the future. 


Robots competitions

This year, our school joined “Robotics, STEM and Green Innovation (Phase 2)”, a programme organized by the CUHK which consists of several STEM related activities. Two teams of students participated in the The 2022 Hong Kong Creative Mathematics and Science 4D Frame Competition and achieved remarkable results. 


From STEAM to AI

Our students also participated in SKH 3D printed robots with AI competitions in which students learnt some basic knowledge of AI and applied it to program a 3D printed autopilot truck and an IOT truck.