Volleyball Team
Captains             KU Kin Hang (4B)
    YIU Yiu Yoyo (5D)


Our section aims to enhance students’ interpersonal skills, leadership skills and sense of belonging to the school by playing volleyball. During our practices, students can learn the skills of setting, serving, passing, receiving, digging, blocking and spiking in volleyball.

As playing volleyball requires that teammates work together at a fast pace, students’ leadership and interpersonal skills will also be enhanced through cooperating with teammates.

Our section can also foster the development of students’ sense of sportsmanship, as our practices can help students learn how to handle victories and defeats appropriately.

Playing volleyball also provides students with valuable skills that allow them to deal with many other situations. Through playing in inter-school competitions, students will learn to defend the school's reputation, which will expand their sense of belonging to the school.