2022-23 Robofest Unknown Mission Challenge (Senior Group) - Champion & Gold Award

Modern technology reigns supreme in this day and age. In the hopes of keeping abreast with the demands of ever-evolving world, our school has adapted our teaching strategies and incorporated IT learning in and out of the classroom.

Our robotics team emerged victorious in the Robofest UMC Challenge (Senior Group). With stupendous technical prowess, LAU Tsz Lam (5B) and HO Sze Yui (5A) crafted a dexterous robot to conquer a wide variety of tasks, which required precision and coordination. More thrilling is that this champion team will embark on an adventurous journey to the United States to compete with other ingenious scientific minds on the world stage in May.

Another team consisting of WOO Hei Shun Samuel (3D) and TSE Tsun Ting (3D) managed to capture Fourth Place and the Gold Award. Their creative imagination and logical thinking, too, merit our commendation. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation towards Mr. Y. M. Chun for his precise steering along the way and Mr. Alfred Lee, one of our dedicated alumni, for his unremitting support to realise the dream of exploring the magnificence of robotics overseas. Congratulations to our St Markans on achieving these engineering feats! 

Source: UMC 機械人終極挑戰賽 - 高級組