Reading for Breadth and Depth

It is hoped that reading will continue to be a pleasure for both students and teachers, on and off campus. The Reading across the Curriculum Team of the School has so far promoted reading as follows:
1. Book Giveaway
To arouse students’ interest in reading, our team organized the annual “Book Giveaway” event with the school library in October.  Besides some write-off books from the school library, teachers were cordially invited to donate some old books they had read.  They wrote their initials on the cover or the first page of the book so that students could recognize who the generous donors were and their generosity and kindnesses were acknowledged.  Some teachers also wrote heartwarming messages for students who were going to be the new owners of the books as encouragement and sharing.   Around 120 books were collected from teachers and those books soon found their new owners.    
2. Reading across the curriculum and thematic book display in the library
In order to motivate students to read books of different subjects, this year we extended the promotion of reading to four domains -- Mathematics and Science, English, Chinese and PSHE. Book recommendations, thematic book display and other activities will be organized so that students can develop a more diverse interest in reading.

3. e-Reading Platform
To help our students to keep a good habit of reading, our school has joined the eRead Scheme at HKEdCity where students can enjoy reading a collection of free ebooks. Apart from the eRead Scheme, students are entitled to a wide variety of free ebooks provided by Hong Kong public libraries.  These e-Reading platforms are introduced to students who are encouraged to read anytime, anywhere.
4. Early Bird Reading Scheme
Our team collaborates with the Parent-Teacher Association to organize the Early Bird Reading Scheme so as to help students to start building up a good reading habit in Form One. Students can come to school at 7:30 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays to enjoy some quiet reading time and the cosy ambience in the library before the start of a school day.  Prizes will be awarded to those who have fulfilled the specific requirement of attendance in different phases at the end of the academic year.
Reading gives us some place to go and it is an adventure that never ends. Let us embark on this fruitful journey and enjoy the fun of reading.