St. Paul’s Church

As a dedicated Christian educational institution that aims at nurturing altruistic and aspiring individuals, we have developed strong connections with St. Paul’s Church, which provides invaluable support to the personal development of our young winged lions. 

In collaboration with our alumni and the former vice-principal, Ms. Grace LEE, our school and the Church organize a unique mentorship program that offers numerous opportunities for current F.1 to F.3 St. Markans to expand their horizons and navigate the diverse challenges they may encounter during their secondary school journey. Since 2012, a series of activities have been conducted with the aims of fostering a sense of belonging and team spirit among the participants. With the emphasis of Christian virtues in education, we believe that our students will be equipped with useful leadership skills and a sense of responsibility. 

To grow and glow in the programme, mentees take the initiative to hold various activities including team-building games and fund-raising activities. To pass on the tradition of success through succession, mentors also hold revision sessions with mentees regularly, providing prompt academic support and constructive advice. 

We are more than proud and thankful to witness that our beloved students have matured significantly with unlimited support. Spiritual guidance and care are given by the devoted members of St. Paul’s Church to our students to help them become independent and resilient individuals who contribute to the betterment of society.

We sincerely hope that the programme will continue to benefit more and more winged lions in the future!