The Hong Kong Creative Mathematics and Science 4D Frame Competition 2022 - Gold Award


St. Mark’s School always goes to great lengths to provide ample opportunities to cultivate students' interest in Science and Mathematics education, empowering them to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the inextricable correlation between societal development, technology, and science.

Recently, a group of zealous young scientists of our School have demonstrated their scientific ingenuity and triumphed in the 2022 Hong Kong Creative Mathematics and Science 4D Frame Competition.

LEE Long Hang (3B) and WONG Kwan Chak (3B) invented a state-of-the-art model titled ‘避風塘清潔員’ to remove marine refuse underneath typhoon shelters in the territory, which left a lasting impression on the adjudicating panel and claimed the highest accolade of Gold Award among more than 50 competing schools in the Junior Secondary Section.

Our girls were scarcely confined to gender stereotype and fared exceptionally well in the Smart 4D Division. CHENG Claire Tsz Yan (3A) and LEUNG Yee Ting Tiffany (3E) bagged the Gold Award for their versatile harvester titled, ‘萬能插苗車’. TSAI Min You (3A) and LUK Ho Wah (3B) also attained the Bronze Award with its ‘智能翻泥割草機’. Congratulation to these awesome scientific minds!

Source: 「香港創意數理科學4D Frame比賽」圓滿舉行培養青年創意數理思維 解決全球環境之危