Happy Teachers' Day


In St. Mark’s, we take immense pride in a host of altruistic, well-trusted and professional teachers, who have been sparing no effort to create a dynamic, caring environment that exudes academic and non-academic excellence, and accommodates the diverse interest of every St. Markan in our ever-evolving world riddled with complexities mandated by the needs of our times.

In the hope of extending our heartfelt gratitude to their untiring, sterling efforts to provide high-quality education to St. Markans, the Parent-Teacher Association, in conjunction with the Student Union, organised an event titled, ‘Happy Teachers’ Day’. Rounds of joyous laughter reverberated around our vivacious campus as teachers received wonderful gifts prepared by our parents and students. Their selfless dedication to overcoming a myriad of challenges for the sake of offering fruitful learning and teaching experiences is doubtlessly deserving of our commendation. Thank you, teachers of St. Mark’s!