Intertext Pre-World Schools Debate Championship 2023


Our junior and senior English Debate teams participated in the Intertext Pre-World School Debate Championship (IPWSDC) 2023. Demonstrating their verbal and intellectual acumen, our intrepid debaters went head-to-head with a diverse array of vigorous rivals from Malaysia, Japan, Korea and more. Their well-structured arguments and polished delivery engaged the audience and judges alike. Below are the remarkable achievements of the teams:

Junior Category

The junior team broke 3rd into the Quarter-Finals and made their way into the Semi-Finals.

Claire CHENG (3A) — 4th Best Speaker

Elly LI (3B) — 4th Best Speaker

Marcus LEUNG (3A) — 7th Best Speaker

Senior Category

Fergus WANG — 3rd Best Speaker

Elon CHAN — 10th Best Speaker

Owens KHO — 10th Best Speaker

Heartfelt congratulations to our dauntless debaters!