Music Grantham Award 2023


‘If music be the food of love, play on.’ These immortal words from William Shakespeare succinctly encapsulate the ever-enchanting world of music at St. Mark’s, a xanadu where budding musicians assemble and weave a mosaic of melodies to create a realm of sheer bliss.

As the new academic year commences, we are more than thrilled to celebrate the exceptional musical accomplishment of FENG Chun Kit (4A) whose unbridled enthusiasm for violin has impressed the adjudicators in the 75th Hong Kong Music Festival and earned him the Music Grantham Award. This prestigious award serves as a recognition of his outstanding performance as a virtuoso violinist and an encouragement to pursue his unfaltering passion for music.

He also performed his winning piece to all St. Markans in the hall assembly, which transported us from awe-inspiring cosmos of stars, to drifting warm breezes and flowing rivers, calling to mind the tranquility of nature.

We once again offer our heartiest congratulations to Jackson on his resounding success!