The 6th Your choice 納米電影創作


The 6th Your choice 納米電影創作比賽 aims to cultivate adolescents’ interest in producing micro films, which unveil the calamitous repercussions of drug addiction.  

Endowed with ingenuity and considerable passion for cinematography, TSANG Tsz Ham (5C) has produced an awe-inspiring micro film entitled, 《毒排眾議》, which not only demonstrates his intriguing auteurship, but also promotes a positive message of battling against the intoxicating yet hazardous pleasure of taking drugs. His production won the Best Mirco Film Award (Merit).

The team members also include: FONG Hau Ching (3C), YU Cheuk Long (4A), YU Kwok Leung (4C), AU Yeung Leung Tung (5A), YIP Chuen Yau (5C), CHAN Pak Hei (5C), CHAN Pak Hong (5D) and LEUNG Ka Chun (5E).