Election Result of Alumni Manager (2022-2024)


Dear Alumni,

Further Notice on the Alumni Manager Election (“the Election”)

The nomination period for the Election has ended on 13th May 2022 and we have received ONE valid nomination during the nomination period. The following is the name of candidate who is validly nominated:

1. Chan Pui Yuk 陳培毓

The respective self-introductory statement of the candidate is attached for your reference.

According to "Rules for the Election of the Alumni Manager" As there is only one candidate is validly nominated in the Election, candidate Chan Pui Yuk shall be deemed elected ipso facto for nomination by the Recognized Alumni Association for registration as the Alumni Manager of the School for the school term of 2022-2024.

Election Result 

Further Notice on Election (Chinese)

Further Notice on Election (English)

Information about the Candidate 

Should you have any queries about the Election, please contact me. Thank you.

Kenny Lai

The Returning Officer