2021 SCMP Student of the Year - Best Improvement Award


Navigating the vicissitudes of life is hardly easy and usual for many, especially for our F.6 student, Ceon Yan (6C), who unfortunately fell prey to the clutches of physical illnesses together with acute anxiety during her senior secondary school life. What delights us the most is this young but persevering lady’s indomitable spirit and absolute sanguinity to overcome such a seemingly daunting ordeal with boundless support from her family members, schoolmates, and teachers. She has even attained a pleasing result in the HKDSE 2022 and decided to give back to our society in the near future.

Congratulations to Ceon on winning the distinguished Best Improvement Award of SCMP Student of the Year 2020/2021. 

Source: Hong Kong teenager who kept up studies despite cancer diagnosis among those honoured in Student of the Year award