74th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival - Results


Who wouldn’t be mesmerised by the beauty of human voice? Endowed with linguistic prowess and stirring eloquence, our St. Markans charmed the adjudicators with their riveting voices in the 74th Hong Kong Speech Festival.

The refinement of vocal techniques and recording performances might be unceasing and time-consuming. Nonetheless, hardly did our St. Markans flinch from these seemingly formidable tasks. With an insatiable appetite for triumph, they have bagged a total of 7 Championships, 11 Second Places and 10 Third Places. Congratulations on their impeccable achievements against all odds!

Our deepest appreciation also goes to our supportive Chinese and English language teachers. Their tireless and selfless dedication to honing our St. Markans’ oral skills merits our unreserved commendation, and this indomitable spirit of togetherness is what makes our school a dynamic, caring environment for academic and non-academic success.